MyTeksi's new number masking feature means no more strange calls in the night

The days of stalking taxi drivers (or vice versa) are finally over

Having your number made known to strangers can induce panic attacks. Thankfully, this won’t happen anymore when you’re booking for a cab via MyTeksi.

Starting from 6 October, the taxi-booking app will introduce a number masking feature. What this means is that both cabbies and passengers will no longer know each other’s numbers. Instead, a virtual number, which is displayed on the app, links both numbers together. The virtual number is generated once a booking is confirmed between the driver and passenger. This applies to advanced bookings too, and in both cases, the virtual number is removed once the booking ends.

Calling the virtual number doesn’t require data usage, it’s a normal call through the telco you’re signed up with. So there’s less chance of a dropped call, plus there’s no additional charges involved, just your normal outgoing call rates.

This isn’t MyTeksi's first initiative to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers. Another feature called “Share My Ride” allows passengers to notify their friends when they’re taking a ride via MyTeksi. This, on top of the new number masking feature, makes MyTeksi one of the safest ride-sharing app available.

The number masking feature will appear once you’ve downloaded or updated to the latest MyTeksi app. If not, wait for a bit more and it should appear within the app. When it appears, the number masking feature will keep your mobile number safe from prying eyes.

Now, if Uber follows suit, it'll also save you from paranoid wives that think you’re having an affair with their husbands.