Mysterious Windows 8.1 phone could be the Microsoft Lumia 830

Do these leaked shots show off the Nokia Lumia 820’s replacement?
Do these leaked shots show off the Nokia Lumia 820’s replacement?

Some spy snaps of a new Nokia/Microsoft smartphone have just popped up on Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter – but the identity of the handset on display remains something of a mystery.

The phone’s plastic backside and aluminium frame have led some to speculate that it could be a replacement for the Nokia Lumia 930 (aka Icon), a high-end Windows Phone that we liked a lot (read our review to find out just why). But given that it’ll be coming out several months after the 930, a better guess might be that it’s more of a mid-range model – a replacement for the Lumia 820 dubbed, possibly, the Lumia 830.

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No 41MP camera?

Whatever the phone ends up being called, the pictures don’t reveal a great deal about it beyond its exterior. The camera housing is large and flat, suggesting that it’ll have a more conventional camera than the bulging 41MP PureView snapper used by the Lumia 1020. The Lumia 930’s camera used a smaller 20MP PureView sensor, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that makes a return here (that is, after all, a lot more megapixels than most rival phones offer).

There is, of course, the very real possibility that this phone is a fake, or a prototype destined never to land on a shop shelf, so don’t start making bets on its name just yet.

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