A Myst TV series deal has just been signed

One of the most popular games franchises in history is coming to the television though the jury's still out about its success
A Myst TV series deal has just been signed

Myst is a game franchise that you'll either love or hate. It's basically just exploring strange locales, unlocking books, travelling to more special locales and your reward is...being able to keep exploring. Before The Sims came along, Myst was the best-selling game of the 20th century but tastes have changed and nothing quite like the game has been replicated.

Cyan Worlds has signed a deal with production company Legendary Television and Digital Media to create a series based on the game. Not entirely sure how you're going to build a show around a game where you play as the nameless Stranger and you spend all of the game basically just...wandering.

TV, movies, perhaps infamy

A Myst TV series deal has just been signed

Videogame franchises haven't exactly transferred well outside the medium though there are people who think the original Mortal Kombat film is an underrated classic. Well, they still haven't made a decent Mario film and we're still waiting for a Final Fantasy film that doesn't come across as a really long music video.

Still, Myst and its sequel Riven are among the most popular videogames ever made so there's a guaranteed audience of at least a few million. What's interesting is that just last week, the Myst film rights were optioned off so the question here is which will happen first? The TV series or the film?

TV might have a better chance of succeeding due to the flexibility given to shows as compared to the tendency of Hollywood to meddle with fantasy-themed films to point they no longer resemble the source material.

Will it be another Game of Thrones or will it instead just fizzle off as an unsuccessful pilot? We'll just have to see.

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