Mtailor app makes perfectly fitted shirts on demand

It's like having a tailor in your pocket minus embarrassing moments with the tape measure
Mtailor app makes perfectly fitted shirts on demand

Shopping for shirts can be difficult for people who don't fit into fixed sizes like S, M or L. While tailored shirts would be the way to go for the best fit, what if you could instead just use an app to get you properly measured for a shirt? MTailor is the best solution for those who would just like to get the business of getting a shirt over with.

The iOS-only app (sorry Android peeps) uses your iPhone or iPad's camera to take your measurements and its maker claims the app need just 5 minutes at most to get you all sized up.

The perfect shirt

Mtailor app makes perfectly fitted shirts on demand

MTailor is so confident about its app, it happily claims that its measurements are 20 per cent more accurate than even a professional tailor. It also offers a money-back guarantee as well as a promise that shipping would always be free.

Besides choosing your measurements, you can also customise the shirt you get from Mtailor right down to the fabric, cuffs and collar. MTailor says its fabrics are premium and created from scratch to meet customer requirements.

Right now the app is only for custom shirts for men, with no options for women or other types of clothing. Suits and trousers are apparently going to be next, if the app's creators have their way.

Sadly the service is US-only in the meantime and costs US$69 (RM226)

In the meantime you could download the (free) app and dream of when something similar would be available here.

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[Source: BusinessInsider]