MSI rewarding its forumers with the MSI Rewards Programme

So all that time chatting on boards could actually be profitable? Who'd have thought

If you are a big user of MSI products and an active member of its forum, you are in luck. The company announced that they will reward its members with the MSI Rewards Programme and you can stand a chance to win a gaming laptop from them.

The Taiwanese company also has its GTX 960 graphics card, copies of Elder Scrolls and Far Cry 4 up for redemption. How do you win a reward? You will need to earn points and the fastests way is to register your MSI product under your account whereby the first product you register yields you 50 points but subsequent product registration will earn you only 25 points. Other ways of earning points are posting an unboxing video, which will get you 20 points, and/or write a review of how your game runs on their products, which will get you 10 points.

It is definitely not going to be easy to earn the rewards but if you redeem a gaming laptop, why not? To get the gaming laptop you will need to earn 9000 points, 2000 points for the graphics card and 300 points for a copy of Far Cry 4 or Elder Scrolls, definitely not easy but good luck trying anyways.

[source : Lowyat]