MSI Malaysia Offers Free Laptop Health Check From 16 Until 31 December 2019

Make sure to reserve your slot

Notebooks and laptops, like any PC products, are prone to hiccups and failures hardware-wise. As much as we'd like to dream of problem-free machines for life, nothing in the tech and gadgetry world is permanent. So it's good to know and be aware that laptops require periodical health checks to ensure its operational longevity.

Thankfully, MSI Malaysia understands this and will be offering its customers a free laptop health check from the 16 until 31 December 2019.

The free health check is a special service that includes fan and air vents cleaning as well as a system diagnosis. Repair works that are needed upon after diagnosis will be conducted according to MSI Malaysia's warranty policy and by having an agreement from the laptop owner.

Selected MSI Models Only

And of course, the health check campaign is available exclusively only for owners of the following MSI laptop series:

1. MSI GT-series

2. MSI GS-series

3. MSI GE-series

So for those who are already using laptops from any of the above three series, you are eligible! However, it's important to take note that you must reserve a timeslot for this service or you will not be entertained. Early reservations also entail free gifts, isn't that nice?

To reserve the slow, visit this link:

Specific Locations Only

These are the four service locations in Malaysia including the working hours that run the free health check, which MSI customers can send in their laptops after reserving their time slot.

Just remember to back up your important files and data before sending them in.

Hit this link to find out more about the terms and conditions: