MS Office finally coming to iPad?

Well, it seems Microsoft is embracing iOS and Mac users with its iconic Office suite
MS Office finally coming to iPad?

Mark March 27 as the end times as Microsoft is likely to announce Microsoft Office for iPad.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's new chief executive is due to speak about the company's 'intersection of cloud and mobile'.

All clues point to Microsoft's steady cash cow being adapted for Apple's hot-selling tablet, with similar plans to the current Office for PC and the cloud.

This will be Nadella's first big press appearance so all eyes will be on him in San Francisco, to see if he matches up to his legendary predecessors Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft Cloud meets iOS

It's high time Microsoft gets in on the action that Google has, with its purchase of QuickOffice and making it freely accessible across tablets of all platforms. By embracing the Mac faithful, as it has by creating MS One Note for the Mac, Microsoft stands to make a lot more money if the sheer numbers of iPad owners are taken into account.

But how will Apple respond to the serious competition to its iWork suite? We'll just have to see if Microsoft brings more to the iOS table than it has for a while now.

[Source: PCPro]