Mozilla's Webmaker app makes app dev on smartphones easier

The app attempts to make the process simpler than cumbersome Android and iOS programming
Mozilla's Webmaker app makes app dev on smartphones easier

Mozilla's on a roll lately after announcing its beta cross-platform chat app Hello. Now it's creating a Webmaker app for Android, iOS and Firefox OS named after its current initiative to make web development more open and accessible to the masses.

While there is already a Mozilla Appmaker online that will let you create web apps for mobile, the distinction here is that Webmaker's app will let you create apps for phones on a phone.

Anyone can build apps

Mozilla's Webmaker app makes app dev on smartphones easier

Rather than specific code, Webmaker works by creating templates where you can then mix-and-match basic building blocks. The templates are built around personas created for specific users, for instance school teachers and small business owners.

The templates will then incorporate blocks that include things like web forms, geolocation and of course, text. Basically, anyone can download the app, choose a persona or template and then mix and match blocks to create a unique Web app without needing to go through the lengthy process usually involved with iOS and Android app-building.

All Mozilla's current offerings are free, in-keeping with its Open Web philosophy and the Webmaker app will be no exception.

The app won't be out until early 2015, but you can still try out Webmaker in its desktop version at Mozilla's site. It will first be made available on Android and on Firefox OS. An iOS version is being worked on but there is no set launch for it just yet.

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