Mozilla Firefox Will Warn You If Your Passwords And Saved Logins Are Stolen

Mozilla Firefox is going all out for your quest on security

After the passing of Fernando Corbato, the inventor of the password, the question of how secure are our accounts online has never been more pressing. Mozilla Firefox has definitely been going all out, especially as they have a special subscription that enables you to get more privacy. But there's definitely more privacy provided regardless, as the Mozilla team is gradually integrating its independent Firefox Monitor service natively into Firefox that will tell you when your login passwords have been pirated or stolen.

The service, which lists every time email addresses have turned up data breaches, can also directly ping users if an email address is found in such a cull. The goal behind this is to also provide warnings when a site or service being visited using the browser has recently been the target of a breach.

The service will be integrated into Firefox 70 (current version number is 68), and is actually an implementation of the Have I Been Pwned database, with which Mozilla is now collaborating. Said site has been collecting hundreds of millions of passwords that have been made public without Internet users' knowledge through known data leaks.

Based on this, it's obvious that the Mozilla Foundation's project is not brand new, but it's a great start to create further security for users. In fact, the integration with its web browser will soon be a reality, as Firefox 70 should be released in the Fall of 2019.