Move aside Roomba, here comes Neato

Spinning discs are so early 2000's. The Neato gives you another way to annoy your pets while vacuuming
Move aside Roomba, here comes Neato

A vacuum? What next, blenders?

Hush you unbeliever. Neato makes robot...vacuums. You know, like Roomba.

But at least you can sort of tell what they do for a living from their name. Roomba always sounded like some sort of exotic dance. Neato believes it does better than the competition (cough, Roomba) "with smarter technology, more powerful suction, and bigger-is-better features". At least that's what their website says.

Will it do my laundry?

You wish. This is strictly for cleaning your floors whether wood, tile, carpet or vinyl. Neato claims that their vacuums have the most powerful robotic vacuum ever. That claim had better hold water as their vacuums aren't exactly on the cheap side.

What you can do with a Neato is schedule your cleaning times so even when you're not at home, your Neato vacuum will go about sucking up dust, pet hair and random tiny microorganism.

Neato vacuums also use a special 'laser eye' that maps their surroundings so they will clean in a pattern of straight, overlapping lines instead of just bumping from corner to corner like bumper cars.

Can I buy this here? How much?

Move aside Roomba, here comes Neato

Oh yes, you can buy Neato vacuums online from either Lazada or Corvan Technologies and Robovac Technologies. Sadly, not all of Neato's cool robot cleaners are available here, but you can get its most popular models at least.

Prices vary considerably depending on model and existing promotions. The XV-25 for instance goes for RM2209 on Lazada, but is nearly RM3000 on other sites so we suggest you shop around for your perfect robot helper.