Motorola’s VerveOnes wireless earbuds aren't picky

Fun in your ear, whatever your phone

First those Bragi things, now these. Has the world gone barmy for Bluetooth ‘buds?

It just well might have - and you can hardly blame it. Oh, sure, lots of phones still have headphone ports - but for how much longer? Ports are boring, not to mention a pain to waterproof. So before the last hole goes AWOL, Motorola - or, rather, Binatone - has delivered the VerveOnes Music Edition for budget buyers.

Wait, Binatone? Or Motorola? You’re not making this easy.

Well, they’re Motorola-branded, but made by Binatone - you know, the same lot that make phones and professional headsets. So they should sound pretty good, even if they’re not quite as nice as the VerveOnes+ that we gave four stars last year. Until we’ve had a listen we can’t say for sure, but the claimed “HD sound” is promising - not to mention the whole “Music Edition” name.

But they look like that Bragi Headphone thing?

That, and Apple’s Airpods. But the VerveOnes Music Edition is very much its own beast: splash-proof for listening in the rain, there’s support for both Siri and Google Now voice control - so there are no favourites here - via the built-in voice mic. It’ll do for calls, too, so you can touch your earpiece like a proper spy, while the Hubble app for both Android and iOS can connect all kinds of Motorola kit together.

That white-on-grey get-up isn’t very Bond, though.

It will make blending in on that Ski trip easier, though. In any case, costing a penny shy of £150 (RM835) when they launch in January, the VerveOnes could look a whole lot worse. Sure, they’re a bit chunkier than AirPods, but at least they don’t have those awkward stalks.

My “fall asleep on a plane” playlist is two hours long.

The Music Edition will be with you all the way. In fact, with the bundled charging case you’ll hit eight hours of listening time - though, admittedly, you’ll have to stick them in for regular boosts. The battery isn’t as capacious as the one in the VerveOnes+, but should just about go toe-to-toe with the AirPods.

Stick around for its price and availability in Malaysia.