Motorola’s rumoured Moto X+1 is missing a vital hardware element

Leaked specs suggest it won’t have the touchless voice controls that we have on the Moto X
Motorola’s rumoured Moto X+1 is missing a hardware element

We last heard some gossip about the purported Motorola Moto X+1 sometime in April, until now. Some more leaks have spilled about the successor to the Moto X, which sources say will be the vendor’s next big smartphone.

Brazilian website Livraria Logos gave away a full list of hardware specifications about the Moto X+1 (but the information has since been pulled), which was first noticed and reported on Droid-Life.

Looking at the specs, if they’re to be true, you can probably expect upgraded hardware on the device, as compared to the Moto X – but there’s one key element from it that’s being excluded.

The source didn’t specify that the unit will come with Motorola’s touchless voice controls, which is a natural language processor that lets the phone respond to your questions and commands without you having to press any buttons or wake the screen.

That’s going to be a letdown considering this feature is claimed to be the Moto X’s biggest selling point.

What might we see then?

Motorola’s rumoured Moto X+1 is missing a hardware element

What you can expect, as previously reported, is a full HD 1080p 5.2in display, a 12MP camera sensor, as well as the Snapdragon 800 processor. Though it’s an upgrade from the Moto X, which sports a 10MP camera and dual-core processor, it might pale in comparison to some of its competition out there.

There’s no reason to totally believe what’s been divulged as gospel truth, but there could be some truth to it if you go by the fact that Livraria Logos’ speculation of the Moto E turned out to be on the mark with what was unveiled.

Some of you might love a good mystery but we’re expecting more juice on the Moto X+1 around the same time Motorola officially debuts its Moto 360.

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[Source: Droid-Life, image: @evleaks]