Motorola gives Brazilian Moto G bigger battery, LTE

Would be nice if the upgrade goes to all markets and not just this one
Motorola gives Brazilian Moto G bigger battery, LTE

Motorola's Moto G is a nice budget-friendly phone with impressive specs (for its price) and comes close to a stock Android UI without needing a Nexus. Androidcentral says the Moto G's been spotted in Brazil (on its official Brazil country page) with some small tweaks, namely a bigger battery and LTE.

It's already a pretty good buy for anyone who doesn't need an expensive flagship model from the likes of Samsung, HTC or LG. LTE and better battery life would make this a decent alternative if you're not keen on the custom UIs from Xiaomi, OnePlus or Huawei.

A phone to appreciate

So what does this 'new' phone have? A 2390mAh battery which is a definite upgrade from 2070mAh. Apart from that, there's LTE which was missing from the first Moto G but not much else different besides.

What we're waiting for is when the Moto X will arrive on Asian shores, after the big fanfare over the latest version of the phone in the US.

Getting Moto Maker here would be good, too, Motorola, so we'll put that on our wishlist for 2015.

We'd much rather Motorola work on getting the latest Moto X here instead of an also-ran like the Moto E.

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[Source: Androidcentral]