Moto X video confirms that it's always listening out for your voice

Googlerola's upcoming smartphone will constantly be waiting for your next command, Kinect-style

A new video from Canadian carrier Rogers showing off Google and Motorola's Moto X has confirmed that it will feature 'always-listening' functionality.

The latest in a long line of leaks surrounding the not-so-secret Google phone, the video shows that the Moto X will listen out for your voice, Kinect-style, so that you can activate voice commands without having to lift a finger and touch the screen at all.

At your service

Saying "OK Google Now" is all it takes to fire up Google Now, which you can then use to search the web, check the weather, book appointments and more.

The Moto X will also fire up the camera when you shake it, while visual icons will flash up on the screen to give you more specific information on your notifications than a standard flashing LED.

These features are expected to be taken care of by a dedicated separate processor to help preserve battery life. We're assuming that Rogers' black and white options will join a wider range of colour options when you're buying the phone SIM-free.

Check out why you should be excited about the Moto X and stay tuned for more news as and when we get it.

[via TechCrunch]