The Most Hype & Strongest Flagship - realme X2 Pro’s ultra smooth display with 90Hz refresh rate is made for gamers

Smooth display is the key to winning games

Ask any seasoned gamers about the importance of display and you will find that refresh rate is a very crucial element to winning games. In line with that, mobile gamers would be thrilled to know that the upcoming realme X2 Pro will feature a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate - making it the company’s smoothest screen thus far.  

For general knowledge, most contemporary smartphone screens feature a 60Hz refresh rate. This means the display refreshes 60 times per second to display a static image (photos) or a moving image (videos/ games). Additionally, frame rate (FPS) and refresh rate (Hz) go hand-in-hand. FPS means how many frames of the image (such as video or game) is being processed and pushed to the display every second by the processor.   

So how does all this relate to the X2 Pro having a 90Hz refresh rate, and what are the benefits? It means that the realme X2 Pro can fully refresh all the frames of videos and games that were designed to run at 90 frames per second effortlessly, so content that have high frame rate gets displayed with no “friction”. Moreover, it produces a noticeable change in the smoothness of the UI in a way that animations are smoother and feels more real and organic.   

The realme X2 Pro’s frame rate also has a 50% increase with zero lag. This effectively allows images on screen to move in silky smooth fluidity. Complex games will definitely benefit from this feature a lot, which enhances how gamers would interact with the visuals on screen where it feels more natural due to the lagless command feedback - resulting in higher accuracy and control speeds.   

The display of the realme X2 Pro has a resolution of 2400 X 1080 and screen pixel density of 402ppi, providing the sharpest visuals resolution-wise. The device further supports HDR10+ and 100% DCI-P3 colour gamuts to process graphics in rich and vivid details and colours. A final touch to the display is a latest G3.0 optical in-display fingerprint scanner that unlocks the phone at an incredible speed of 0.23 seconds.  

We certainly can’t wait to experience the realme X2 Pro when it’s released!