More free iflix for Unifi and Streamyx subscribers

Free TV binging for TM customers, just in time for holiday season

If you'd been watching as much iflix as you can before the free subscription expires for your Streamyx and Unifi account, you can relax.

iflix just announced that the free subscription has been extended to December 2017.

Watch all the shows

iflix has been pretty aggressive promoting itself on various platforms, via free trials on telcos as well as tie-ups with Telekom Malaysia (TM).

It looks like iflix has signed a new deal with TM to extend free iflix subscriptions all the way until 31 December 2017. But why? It's probably because next year, broadband providers will be under pressure to offer more broadband speed for less as mandated in the recent Malaysian budget tabling.

Competition will probably be pretty fierce so it's likely TM is willing to work with iflix if it can retain more customers or perhaps gain more streaming-loving ones.

While all Unifi customers will be able to enjoy the offer, for Streamyx users only 4Mbps and 8Mbps plans are eligible for the offer.

With the coming long weekend, there's no better time to binge watch so here's our nifty guide on getting the most from your iflix sessions.

[Source: iflix via Lowyat]