More esports fun with the Overwatch World Cup

The best players in each country will help qualify their countries, so play more Overwatch if you're patriotic

Blizzard's announced the return of the Overwatch World Cup 2017 and the good news is, if you're a great player, you could help qualify your country in the World Cup.

Everyone can help

While traditional esports tournaments rely on elite teams, with playoffs to decide representatives, Overwatch World Cup has a different spin. Blizzard will be monitoring the top 100 players of each country. Winning Competitive play games can help determine each country's average rating. The top 32 nations will qualify for the World Cup

Viewers also get to vote for a nation's reps, with the voting happening in April, the group stage happens in summer and the playoffs happening in November.

The skill tracking will be going on until 26 April. South Korea, China and the US are the current top three which should come as no surprise. Singapore could make the World Cup as it is at 22nd place, while Malaysia is at 44th place - well out of the running unless something happens in the next few days. Surprisingly, Philippines is at the bottom run of the list and likely perhaps due to a less active Overwatch community.W

Sounds like the best time to play Overwatch if you haven't.

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