Monster's Melody apps will add voice recognition to its headphones

Should we start being paranoid about our headphones listening to us now?

Monster is working with music platform Speak Music Inc to use the latter's voice assistant, Melody.

Making smarter Monsters

How will this change things for Monster? Well it means that its upcoming new Elements, Clarity HD and iSport Freedom V2 will be voice-compatible with Melody.

It's not the first time Bluetooth headsets will be voice-activated, but Melody will add a new dimension thanks to the inclusion of a dedicated apps. Tap on your headphones and tell Melody to play a specific album, artist, or track, skip/pause music, control volume loudness and access NPR, Spotify Premium, iHeartRadio and in future, Tidal.

One annoying thing is that Melody uses only data so you'll need to use data even at home and it's not compatible with older Monster headphones. So this might be tricky if, say, you're using this overseas. Nifty but we'd wait for WiFi support, thanks.

[Source: Engadget]