Mondaine promises to be the best looking Swiss smartwatch so far

Now we'll just wait for the rest to get in on the smartwatch game

Swiss design with the right amount of modern technology: the ideal smartwatch. Mondaine is a reputable Swiss watch company known for their Swiss railway clocks design watches.


A font to remember

They have all the class and style, why not just add the tech? So say hello to the very pretty range of watches it is calling the Helvetica. And yes, the company is referring to that rather iconic font. Of course we'd like to see someone try and design a range of watches inspired by Comic Sans, but that's just us.

The watch has a sub-dial that displays your activity of the day on a standard Mondaine watch face. Collaborating with MotionX's integrated technology, the watch can be used to track your sleep and walking habits. And the information can be synced to your phone to set your time and date. The watch promises a 2-year battery life and can track and set “sleep cycle alarms” that wakes you up when you are out of deep REM sleep. So now you can wake up on the right side of bed always.