Moleskine makes another connected notebook, this time with Adobe

Likely to be a hit with those already using a Creative Cloud account
Moleskine makes another connected notebook, this time with Adobe

Moleskines: overpriced hipster notebooks or essential companion? We're not going into that debate but instead we will look at Moleskine's shiny new addition, the Moleskine Smart Notebook. Not too long ago, Moleskine tied up with Evernote to create a book that sort of, but not quite, synced up to your Evernote account. This time Moleskine's partnered with Adobe to create something that will work if you have a Creative Cloud membership and oh, the accompanying Moleskine app.

Sketch on paper, edit with the cloud

How does the notebook work? First, download the app from the App Store. Sketch whatever you want in the notebook, take a picture of it with your iPhone or other iOS device and then upload it via the app to your Creative Cloud account.

The image will be saved to your Creative Assets folder, that will be accessible to any of your Creative Cloud-enabled apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

As to the price, it is US$32.95 and is currently on preorder. Sadly Moleskine Asia no longer ships outside Hong Kong, but you could still wait for the notebook to become officially available at a bookstore near you. Your best bet? Probably Kinokuniya.

It's a nice concept but unless you already have a Creative Cloud account, then probably a regular old sketchbook might be your old school bet.

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[Source: Moleskine]