Mod drags the Filofax into the 21st century

A leather-bound take on the 80s yuppie staple will look after your gadgets and other essentials in style
Mod drags the Filofax into the 21st century

Is that a Filofax? Thought those died off around the same time mobile phones became smaller than house bricksSteady on – this ain’t no Filofax. It’s called the Mod, and while it’s essentially the same shape and size as a Filofax it’s designed to fulfil a totally different purpose.

And what might that be?Well, while your smartphones has replaced the address book and calendar that would have once clipped inside a Filofax, we still need somewhere to put that smartphone. Plus all the other stuff you carry around every day: headphones, charger cables, sunglasses, pens, credit and bank cards etc. That’s where the Mod comes in.

Mod case in Toffee Tan
Mod case in Tobacco Brown
Mod case in Silver Dollar

So it’s a handbag replacement?That’s one way of looking at it. Or a man-bag replacement. Mod is strictly unisex.

It does look well made...That’s the idea. It’s tastefully minimalist, and crafted from premium, hand-stitched leather and metal in the USA. There are three finishes available (Toffee Tan, Tobacco Brown and Silver Dollar).

Mod Shooter Insert
Mod Illustrator Insert
Mod Writer Insert

And the buying options?Here’s where it gets interesting. The base design for each Mod is the same – an outer shell with several inner compartment – but when you buy one you pick a specialist insert too. These attach to the base via three strong magnets, and are designed for specific purposes. So the Shooter Insert (pictured) is aimed at photographers and has space for memory cards, adapters and other accessories (there’s a Gorillapod and Glif tripod in the photo).

These inserts are also available separately, so you can have a selection, swapping them out to suit your needs on that particular day. As well as Shooter, other inserts include Illustrator (lots of space for pens and pencils), Charger (room for cables and a battery pack), Traveller, Musician and Writer.

OK – but how much?Mod isn’t cheap. The base case and one insert will set you back between US$250 and US$290 (RM803-RM930), depending on the insert. Extra inserts run between US$60 and US$100 (RM193 to RM321). You can pre-order from This Is Ground now, with 30 June as an expected shipping date.

[Via PSFK]