Malaysian Mobile Game Warpods Is A Hit On The App Store!

The block-breaking Sci-Fi RPG was featured on the iOS store as the Game of The Day

This addictive mobile game created by an indie game company called Weyrdworks that is based in Malaysia by Shawn Beck and JT Yean. The duo started the company after finishing their digital animation major college and decide to create mobile games.

Warpods introduces unique gameplay by combining brick breaking mechanics similar to puzzle bobble and turn-based rpg action. You play in a squad of three with each character having unique abilities ranging from a barrage of powerful missiles to providing healing to the whole team.


It is really easy to pick-up and play but has a level of depth that will make it hard for you to put down. The art-style is quirky and is incredibly loveable with a saturday-morning-cartoon kind of feel.


This Malaysian made game caught the attention of Apple’s App Store curators and they liked it so much that Warpods was listed on the Apple App Store’s Game of the Day in the United States, Britain, Malaysia and South-East Asia.


Give Warpods a try. Download it for iOS here.


The game is also available for Android here.