Mobile Game for World Renowned JRPG Master Piece Langrisser! Langrisser SEA is Online Today!

Directed by the original publisher Extreme, Langrisser SEA, a mobile game of sequel of world renowned JRPG master piece Langrisser is officially launched on all platforms at 10:00 (GMT+7) today!The game Langrisser SEA is popular around the globe with recommendation in 32 countries on Google Play and App Store, and it has got more than 500k pre-registrations in a mere few weeks after the pre-registration event is online, unlocking a great gift for every commander that logs in the game! Click the following link or search “Langrisser SEA” in app store to join us now!

Classic Game Modes

“Langrisser” was first lanuched in 1991, when it was a golden age for newly appeared SRPG. Delicate plots and well-designed stages made Langrisser a popular masterpiece on MD devices with great reputation. It was considered one of the three god class role playing games together with Fire Emblem and Ogre Battle. Langrisser carries a certain memory of a player generation. The mobile game Langrisser SEA succeeds the classic tactical role playing game mode from the Langrisser Series, including various classes of heroes and multiple soldiers to match.

Players will need to take a good thinking of heroes in formation, priority among soldiers, and movements in a battle, and such strategic diversities make the game unique and fun to play.

Classic Stages Rebuilt & Sequel of Original Plots

The typical stages are well rebuilt in Langrisser SEA, where they are exactly the way it was in Langrisser Series. In “Time Rift”, players can re-experience more than 300 famous campaigns in the original Langrisser 1-5 with tens of strategies to pass them.

Moreover, as a sequel of the original series, there are new main characters in the mobile game, making a legendary journey with most well-known characters from Langrisser Series! A grand world with innovative plots of millions of words long is waiting for you in Langrisser SEA!

Characters of Langrisser 1-5 & Splendid Skins

The characters and their personalities in Langrisser Series are hard to forget once you know them, thus popular heroes such as Leon, Elwin, Cherie, Luna are all added into this mobile game, with their own unique talents! Players can choose their favorite heroes, or all heroes, to upgrade! Skin changing function is also available in Langrisser SEA, you can make your heroes look greater in battlefields by changing their skins! Meanwhile players can strengthen their bonds and relationships with heroes, and listening to their stories and voices from their hearts……

World’s 1st with SRPG mode for PVP battles

Langrisser SEA is the world’s first mobile game to add tactical role playing system in PVP battles. From picks and bans before the start to narrowing fire lands that forces players to fight face to face in late turns, you can use your strategies and defeat your enemy in every step!

Langrisser SEA, a mobile game of sequel of world renowned JRPG master piece Langrisser is officially launched today! Classic strategies in Langrisser Series, grand fantasy world to explore, popular heroes in different generations, tactical role playing PVP battles, all in Langrisser SEA! Multiple languages are supported including Thai language, Chinese, Indonesian, and English. What are you waiting for? Download Langrisser SEA now!

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