MoBeeGo is a portable quick charger for emergencies

Interesting concept though a powerbank seems a more practical option

Running out of battery is a common smartphone scenario, and not all of us are blessed to have phones with quick charging. MoBeeGo aims to be a convenient boost to your battery in an emergency.

Dubbing itself an 'energy drink for your phone', the MoBeeGo battery is shaped like a soda can and is rated at 1700mAh. Depending on your phone and usage, a MoBeeGo boost might last you an hour or, with light usage, four.

The MoBeeGo batteries can apparently last for 10 years, letting you keep them around just in case. Perhaps in flood prone areas or, if you're someone who likes to be ready for disaster scenarios, part of your prepper stash? An advantage is that the batteries are rather small and easy to affix to smartphones. outlets will be stocking the MoBeeGo adapters and batteries, with the starter pack (one adapter and a battery) selling for RM29. Additional batteries can be bought for RM10 each or RM55 for a six-pack.

[Source: Lowyat]