Mitsumi thinks it can do Google Glass better than Google

Focus-free tech eyewear is a niche people with poor eyesight would probably like
Mitsumi thinks it can do Google Glass better than Google

Stylish wearable tech. Wearable tech for the blind. But here's something someone hasn't quite gotten yet - wearable tech that won't annoy those of us near or far-sighted. Mitsumi has decided that it will work on a focus-free laser eyewear prototype. What does that mean? It means that it can work for people with far-sightedness or near-sightedness.

Mitsumi's display works by doing retina scanning which incorporates, wait for it, lasers. No, you're not about to become a member of the X-Men but the display will rely on an RGB laser as well as a MEMS miror. Also getting in on the game is QD Laser Inc and the University of Tokyo.


Comfort, visibility, greatness?

Mitsumi thinks it can do Google Glass better than Google

Now the prototype doesn't look anywhere near as flashy as Google Glass and all its apps but the image projection circuit mounted on the side of this prototype makes a difference.

You see, with it you have a high level of brightness, a wide viewing angle, decent colour reproducibility and still be able to see through the lenses without being blinded to the outside world (like VR glasses).

Those lasers, though. Mitsumi says the laser output will have no effect on the human body and is in accordance to the JIS/IEC Class 1 standard.

Now there are more details that haven't been revealed. What powers it? How long would the hypothetical battery last? Will there be software and apps involved? Is this due for commercial release anytime soon? Until we get answers to those questions, Mitsumi's prototype looks promising on paper.

Note-to-Google: focus-free Glass wouldn't be a bad idea, you know.

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