MiTagg's elegant docking solution lets you charge your Apple things in style

Elegant solution lets you charge your iPhone and Watch at once

The Apple Watch accessories keep rolling in and here's one sexy item on Indiegogo: the NuDock charger. What's great about it? It's basically an elongated charging station, minimal in design that even comes with a portable battery for you to bring with you.

Elegant power

Why would this interest iPhone and Watch users? Well, it goes without saying that the Watch can't be used with anything but an iPhone so before you go to sleep, you'll definitely be charging both devices.

The MiTagg NuDock comes with ports to place your iPhone and Watch, with the catch being it has no Lightning port built-in so you have to slide separate cables inside the stand to charge things. Still, it beats having to sleep with two cables beside your bed, and risking knocking over said cables if say, the phone rings.

What's nice is that if you have your iPhone in a case, the NuDock's port is adaptible to your case, meaning you won't have to take it off to charge it in the dock. As for the Watch stand, it is also removable so you can bring it with you and early birds get an extra Watch stand so you can keep one in the dock and one to carry with you.

Besides charging your iDevices, the NuDock also has a built-in LED lamp and comes with a portable battery that promises an extra 75 per cent more juice for your iPhone. There's even a microphone, speaker and audio jack built-in to the dock for you to play or listen to your tunes, perhaps even make a Skype call.

The campaign ends May 5, so you can still go get your NuDock at Indiegogo for the early bird price of US$129 (RM470).[Source: Techcrunch]