Misfit releases Coca-Cola edition of its Shine tracker

A fitness tracker in the shade of the most recognisable sugary soda in the world? Colour us amused
Misfit releases Coca-Cola edition of its Shine tracker

One of the prettier of the fitness tracker bands that keep popping up everywhere, Misfit Shine, now comes in red. A very specific shade of red, thanks to a collaboration between Misfit and Coca-Cola. The Shine tracker is one of the better looking of the current crop, where you can even wear it as a pendant or choose from a variety of different straps.

This particular model is in conjunction with the US Fourth of July celebration which will also see a Star Spangled set for the occasion.  Besides a Coca-Cola Red Shine, the pack comes with a new white sports band along with the bundled black sportband as well as a Navy Misfit Classic tee.



Stylish and sporty

Misfit releases Coca-Cola edition of its Shine tracker

To be honest, the Misfit does look like a great option for people who want a tracker that doesn't scream "I work out and want the whole world to know it".

The accessories and minimalist design will probably appeal to people who want to be able to wear it everywhere and not just while running or going to the gym.

If you want a Coca-Cola branded version of the Shine, then you might have to wait as there is no word if it will come to our side of the world.

The Misfit Shine retails for US$99.99 while the Star Spangled Set is going for US$139.99, but is currently at a 14 per cent discount at US$119.99 for the holidays.

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As to the most gorgeous activity tracker, we have to say the Withings Activité wins that category easily. Not only is it very goodlooking, it actually looks like a real watch (and works like one) instead of a being just another funky rubber band.

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