The Minox ACX 300 is a GoPro for extreme scrimpers

Session-busting specs in a Hero-type shell

ACX 300 sounds like some kind of motorbike.

Or an attack helicopter. Alas, it is but a lowly action camera for recording your downhill tumbles. You could attach it to your motorbike though with a mount or, you know, sticky tape.

So it’s another GoPro knock-off?

Au contraire! This little box from Minox is quite the capable critter. OK, so it does look a lot like the GoPro Hero of old - but how many ways are there to wrap a rugged camera in plastic? In any case, it’s the innards that make a difference, and the ACX 300 isn’t slacking.

Oh, it'll do 4K video, then?

Alright, it can’t do that. The Sony 12MP sensor lets it shoot in 3K at 24fps or 1080p at 60fps, as well as offering a 120fps mode for fans of slo-mo shooting. Those are GoPro Hero Session type specs, except that the ACX 300 has a proper LCD screen and, at €179 (RM855), should work out a good deal cheaper than GoPro's littlest cubecam.   

I’m a water baby, though. Can I take it in the dunk?

So long as it's tucked up in the included case, you sure can - down to a deeper-than-deep 30m, in fact, so you’ll be needing that oxygen tank. And, with a 150-degree wide angle lens you should be able to film a whole lot of fish while you’re down there. Even if they're flat fish, and you're really close to them.

Won’t it be tricky to control with my diving gloves on, though?

Nah, there's big buttons on the case and that handy 2in screen for framing.

Back on the dry stuff you have more options. Unlike the GoPro or Garmin Virb Ultra there's no voice control, sadly, but there's remote smartphone control via Wi-Fi and also a wrist-mounted remote, so you can capture your next YouTube earner with the (safe) push of a button.

Things tend to get a bit shaky when I’m on my bike…

That’s OK: there’s optical image stabilisation tech in the Minox ACX 300, which should mean noticeably steadier footage, whatever the terrain. Oh, and a battery life of three to four hours should be more than enough time to find something to throw yourself off.