Mini's next car will be a mobile disco. Possibly

The Mini Vision concept has Saturday Night Fever with a disco fabulous light-up floor
Mini Vision

BMW's gearing up for the new version of its Mini, showing off a concept called the Mini Vision that packs disco lights in the footwells. Yes, really.

On the outside the eagle-eyed Mini fan may notice elliptical LED headlights, the old Mini-inspired hexagonal grille and a few tweaks to improve aerodynamics - all of which are welcome additions in the aesthetical department.

Disco inferno

Mini Vision
Mini Vision

But it's the interior that rocks our boat, mainly thanks to a "Mini Disco" floor, Union Jack elastic straps in the door cards for holding bits and bobs, ambient lighting and a clever digital version of the central circular display that lets you check your speed in either analogue, digital or even 3D formats.

For days when you need to chill, you can use the Driving Control Experience switch to jump between 'pure and focused' and 'interconnected' modes, both which adjust the car's ambient lighting to improve your mood. Interconnected mode also happens to be where the disco floor comes into play, bringing your footwell to life in a wall of changing colour. Just remember to look where you're going.

The Mini Vision concept is in itself a bit special. It was created using a clever virtual 3D hologram system that BMW uses to test and fine-tune any ideas on top of the more typical sketch and clay methods.

Although it's only a concept, BMW will reveal what the actual production Mini will look like in November – so we'll get to see then just how much of the Vision makes it to production intact.

If you prefer a mellow trip in the countryside to a nightclub on wheels, you could always go for one of three Mini Campervan concepts instead and head to a beach at your earliest convenience.