Minimal and Elegant: A fitting name for this custom watchface

Pretty classy custom watch face for your Android Gear

If you happen to own an Android Gear watch, the Minimal and Elegant watch face is a nice addition.

With a single glance you can you can see information such as the weather, time, the full date and other customisable features all nicely arranged.

The top of the screen displays the weather conditions, just right below it is the time which looks pretty slick with the time numbers scrolling to the left and below the time is the full date including the day of the week. All of it designed to be neat and simple so that you can understand them with just a simple look at your watch.

You are also able to customise the color, brightness, ambient display and a lot more on the watch face. If the empty and bare face is not your thing, then you can also select a range of hundreds of faces available at the Little Worlds community on Google+ without changiing the layout of information. There are loads of faces that you can choose from and you can even design and submit your own design which is totally awesome for those who are artistically inclined. The Minimal and Elegant watch face is now available on the Play Store for RM3.59.

[source : Androidcentral]