Mini LG G6 is on its way, and it’s called the LG Q6

Current line of flagships too big for your hands? LG’s making some cuts just for you

We were unsure whether it was going to happen, but now thanks to our neighbourhood leaker Evan Blass, it’s pretty much confirmed that the Mini LG G6 is on.

The LG Q6, as leaked, shrinks the screen size from the current 5.8” to 5.4”, which should fit quite comfortably into smaller hands. It should feel a bit like holding an iPhone 7, but you still enjoy a bigger screen because of the sleek bezzle-less display. In fact, word is the aspect ratio will be changed by just a slight bit, to 18.5:9 (instead of 18:9) which shouldn’t be too obvious.

This is exciting news as we haven’t seen a phone of this size with such a big screen and minimal bezzles. 

Also leaked are some of its insides; it will come with some downgrades, such as a 13MP back camera and 3GB RAM instead of the 4GB that its big brother houses. Other specs haven’t been announced yet, but given the general reduction, it’s safe to assume a Snapdragon 825 won’t be used, but instead we can expect to see a Snapdragon 821.

The single 13MP camera also means that the LG Q6 won’t be taking wide-angle shots like the G6, but this shouldn’t be a deal breaker as its bound to be a lot cheaper. 

[Source: Tech Radar]