The Millennium Falcon multitool for the Star Wars-loving DIY-type

It's cool, it's functional, who needs Swiss Army knives when you could have this instead

You know someone who like Star Wars and needs a new multitool? Consider the next birthday or Christmas gift sorted with this Star Wars Millenium Falcon multitool.

The multitool fits perfectly in your typical walla and is made fully out of stainless steel. It has 11 different functions which includes a bottle opener, a screwdriver, letter/parcel opener and some box end wrenches. It can open so many things that likely Chewbacca needed it more when fixing the hyperdrive.

It is currently on preorder from TheFowndry and ships worldwide. The Millennium Falcon multitool is currently priced at US$15.50 and will be released in September 2015. This will be nice to add on to your collection of Star Wars collectibles. This is way cooler than the Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter, any day.                                                                                                    

[source : CNET]