Microsoft's Tossup app is a pocket event planner

You can now use a different app to bug everyone about dinner plans

A new app has surfaced on the iOS App Store and Google Play, and it is going to make your life easier. Microsoft just released a new app that will make it easier for you to plan vacations, outings and meetings with friends and family.

Tossup is an app developed by the Microsoft Garage, a team within the Outlook Team in Silicon Valley and how it works is that the app will suggest options to a group for example when you ask “where to for dinner tomorrow?” and it will suggest options to those in a group to choose and the users can also enter their own suggestion. After that, all you need to do is vote. This app is also able to help make decisions on timing, availability, activities installed, spending limits, facilities and venues to go to nearby.

The app uses Bing as its main search engine to provide you information on the places and suggestions. Other than just that, you also can make deciding which shoes to wear/buy much easier with the help of Tossup. Rest assured that the app has been tested extensively by users at the University of Washington and Santa Clara University.

[source : 9to5Mac]