Microsoft's Sculpt keyboard and mouse offer ergonomic comfort

Comfortable yet stylish, the main flaw with the new Sculpt accessories is that the new mouse is only right-hander friendly
Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

Microsoft's making sitting at your PC a far more comfortable experience with its updated Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop, comprising of the Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard and the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse.


Stylish comfort

Sculpt Desktop

The keyboard is one of Microsoft's sleeker designs, taking up much less space than its 2007 predecessor and has a split layout to separate keys you press with one hand from the ones you press with the other hand. Microsoft claims that this design offers a 'natural and relaxed position'. We'll have to try it out and get back to you about whether it actually works.

What about the mouse? Well, it's slightly hefty and has, apart from a back button and 4-way scroll wheel, a Windows button for quick access to the Windows 8 Start screen.

No local prices or availability yet but it currently retails for US129.95 total, US$80.95 for the keyboard and US$59.95 for the mouse.