Microsoft wants to install Windows in your car

The software that is. Though we wouldn't say no to an extra sunroof...
Microsoft wants to install Windows in your car

Microsoft has shown off its new Windows in the Car platform which is designed to, well, put Windows in your car.

In a presentation at its annual Build conference, the software giant showed off its future rival to Apple's CarPlay system.

Microsoft's in-car solution is based on MirrorLink, a global standard which offers integration between a smartphone and a car's entertainment system.

It's backed by the Car Connectivity Consortium which is made up of vehicular giants like Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen, as well as HTC, Nokia, LG, Qualcomm and many more.

The MirrorLink system supports connectivity over USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and Microsoft's solution offers a very familiar touch-friendly Windows 8 interface, with some additional tweaks.

Microsoft's new voice-controlled assistant Cortana is of course expected to play a heavy role in navigation and commands, minimising physical contact with controls while driving.

Navigation, music and internet radio apps all appear to be supported and, like Apple's CarPlay solution, the system is dependant on a mobile device to power it, essentially tuning your vehicle into a one-tonne smartphone dock on wheels.

Apple's CarPlay system is of course proprietary, which makes Microsoft's MirrorLink-based solution more flexible for car manufacturers and buyers alike.

There's no word on a release date for Microsoft's in-car solution, but seeing as Microsoft is already testing the software out in actual cars, we should hopefully see the first models roll out by this time next year.

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[via Engadget]