Microsoft testing out its own Android home launcher

Another sign Microsoft is just giving up on Windows Phone

As if Android isn't already spoilt for choice when it comes to launcher apps, Microsoft is stepping into the fray with its own Arrow Launcher.

The launcher is, for the most part, clean and uncomplicated, with three different home screens. For the default, there are four app rows with the top row accommodating the most recent apps while the rest are for apps used frequently.

A menu drawer can be accessed via a swipe up from the bottom, revealing recent contacts and shortcuts. Frequent and recently contacted people show up on the left home screen while the right will have space for notes and reminders.

Four apps fit neatly in the dock, with an app drawer key in the centre. Daily Bing wallpapers can be set if you so wish, from the settings that allow for wallpaper changes.

To get in on the private beta, join the Google+ community dedicated to the beta and try and request an invite from there.

[Source: GSMArena]