Microsoft Is Teasing A Windows 1.0 Revive; Likely Linked To Stranger Things 3

The 80s vibe is getting strong here

If you follow Microsoft's Twitter, you may have noticed a teaser that has led to plenty of questions. It seems that Microsoft is teasing a Windows release, and yet it isn't a new one. In fact, based on the 80s style vibe the video gave off and the features Windows claims it has (it ain't impressive), this could just be a revive of Windows 1.0.

Some of the features Windows claims includes “MS-Dos Executive,” and “Clock,” and based on the video, you will see a collection of logos that works all the way from Windows to 10 right down to the Windows 1.0.  It’s also worth noting that Microsoft has changed its profile picture on Twitter to that of the Windows 1.0 logo, but strangely enough their profile pictures on Instagram and Facebook both show the standard multi-color logo.

The initial reaction to why Windows is doing this is that it may be an anniversary celebration. But it's not even close to the anniversary of Windows 1.0’s release, which occured on November 20 1985. And even if it is a lead up to a launch anniversary, Windows 1.0 would be turning 34 years old – definitely not a number to celebrate on.

The only possible reason for this is that it's likely linked to the third season of Stranger Things, which debuts in just a couple of days and is set in mid-1985. With Stranger Things bringing back all things great about the 80s, Windows may be banking in on this excitement too. If that is so, we'll likely see a confirmation once the third season of Stranger Things premieres tomorrow on July 4th.