Microsoft Suspends Surface Book 2 Updates Due To dGPU Issues

Here are some steps you need to take to prevent your Surface Book 2 from crashing

Microsoft seems to be having quite a few issues with their Surface Book 2 laptops. Last month it was reported that the Surface Book 2 was having issues with the latest Windows 10 1903 update. Now it looks like there are problems related to its GPU, forcing Microsoft to acknowledge the issue and suspend updates.

To be specific, the 1903 update has been suspended and Microsoft has updated its support document (via Windows Latest) to reflect the change and has marked the GPU issue as a known issue. The bug affects only the Surface Book 2 with Nvidia’s discrete Graphics Processing Unit (dGPU).

For anyone that installed the update before it was pulled, Microsoft has the following suggestion:

To mitigate the issue if you are already on Windows 10, version 1903, you can restart the device or select the Scan for hardware changes button in the Action menu or on the toolbar in Device Manager.

Due to a separate issue, Microsoft has also blocked Windows 10 1903 from rolling out to other systems. The company says:

When initiating a Remote Desktop connection to devices with some older GPU drivers, you may receive a black screen. Any version of Windows may encounter this issue when initiating a Remote Desktop connection to a Windows 10, version 1903 device which is running an affected display driver, including the drivers for the Intel 4 series chipset integrated GPU (iGPU).

Microsoft has yet to provide a timeline so there's no knowing when it will be solved but the company has requested users not to force the update using Media Tool or other means until the issue is solved.