Microsoft to start offering Wi-Fi, paid with Skype credits

Microsoft Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere you look, perhaps sometime in the future

Microsoft is currently rolling out its new version of the Skype Wi-Fi service, which allows users to pay with Skype credit and access a variety of public Wi-Fi hotspots globally. Before Microsoft cut access to them, new information webpages about the services offerings of Microsoft Wi-Fi for consumers and businesses were live for a day.

Office 365 Enterprise subscribers will be offered the Microsoft Wi-Fi business offer and will allow users to use “over 10 million” Wi-Fi hotspots globally.

For its consumer service offerings, Microsoft plans to make it available to existing active Skype Wi-Fi users through its “Microsoft Work and Play Bundle” or the “Surface 2 + Skype Wi-Fi Bundle” for its Office 365 Enterprise subscribers as well as for users who received a special promotion code for the service.

Also in the works are Microsoft Wi-Fi apps for Android, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows Phone users so that mobile users can access the services available. Microsoft is also negotiating a payoff for Sky so it they can continue using the Skype name without changing it due to losing a trademark battle between the two companies. All this is in line with Microsofts plans to further its "One Microsoft" ambitions.

[source : CNET]