This Microsoft smart scarf does more than just keep you all warm and fuzzy

Wearable technology invades the scarf, vibrates and heats up to your optimum temperature
This Microsoft smart scarf does more than just keep you all warm and fuzzy

We’ve heard of smart wigs, smart socks, smart bras, and even dream enhancing headbands, so the idea of a smart scarf by Microsoft might not seem all that great to you, especially since a scarf fulfils its basic purpose.

But before you shrug off this piece of Microsoft computerised article, take a moment to read up about it. This prototype not only has the ability to keep you warm, it also can improve mental health.

Just as expected, the scarf contains various customisable modules that you can command to vibrate or heat up from an app on your smartphone. These modules can be unsnapped and rearranged on the scarf, so you can personalise it depending on where you want the vibrating pulses/warmth.

The wearable is in its prototype stage at the moment but its creators claim there’s much potential for it.

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According to Microsoft, the vibrating and heating elements in the wearable could be used to calm people with disorders such as autism, or others that have trouble controlling their feelings.

The tech giant wants to do more to it too – just like air conditioners that double up as heaters, Microsoft wants to work on the scarf so that it has the ability to cool you off as well. For instance, if you start perspiring due to nervousness, etc. the scarf might be able to pick up on it and immediately start cooling you down to calm you.  

The project is still in its early stages, so it’s unclear if the device will actually hit the mass market, but it does give us a glimpse into the works of Microsoft. 

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[Source and image: Business Insider