Microsoft rumoured to unveil Surface Pro 3 very soon

Unintended text on Microsoft's support page hints at an updated Surface Pro that might debut as early as next week
Will Microsoft unveil Surface Pro 3 soon?

We all love a bit of gossip (good, juicy ones) when it comes to tech. And we’ve got one for you. Not only will there be a new Microsoft tablet in the works, it’s going to be unveiled sooner than you expected.

An unintentional (at least, we think it is) leak popped up on 14 May, suggesting that Microsoft will launch its Surface Pro 3 tablet as early as next week.

Tech site Neowin managed to capture some text (shown below) that appeared on a Microsoft support page, which specifically mentioned “Surface Pro 3” as part of the Windows 8.1 update. The text, which read, "adds support to the Surface Pro 3 camera," fueled speculation behind its release.

The post, however, has died a horrible death and is no longer on the support page.

To further fuel the fires of speculation, Microsoft recently announced on its website that it will be hosting a Surface related event which will be webcast live on 20 May. If you put two and two together, the Surface Pro 3 would be the most likely announcement – unless Microsoft’s going to surprise us with something totally out of the blue.

Is it a mistake?

Leaked hint

Besides an updated version of the current Surface Pro, there have also been rumours of a smaller, 8in version of the Surface, which for the lack of creativity (or perhaps for simplicity) may be called Surface “mini”.

But a Mircosoft spokesperson confirmed with WinBeta that the text depicted on its support page was actually a typo.

"An earlier version of the KB [Knowledge Base] article included a typo ... To avoid any confusion, we’ve updated the KB article to correct the typo and better convey the information as intended," the spokesperson said.

Genuine mistake or a huge cover-up of an early product launch leak? We'll know on 20 May.

[Source and second image: Mashable]

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