Microsoft prepping new Surface devices soon

UPDATE: New lineup will see new Surface tablets and a redesigned Surface Book hinge

Latest on the grapevine: that Microsoft is all set to create a new Surface device, but it's not a tablet nor is it a laptop. Instead, it's going full-fledged PC with an AIO. Think a PC alternative to Apple's popular desktop Macs.

While Apple says that its MacBook sales are on the rise, PC sales elsewhere have been sluggish. So perhaps Microsoft is trying to shake that up a bit. The new device is not out yet because Microsoft is apparently waiting till Q3 2016, when Intel's latest chips come out to replace the current Skylake line, namely the Kaby Lake processors.

Few details are out on the machine though some might question why an AIO when AIOs are projected to ship at shipment levels of 12.6 million, a drop from last year's 14 million units.

It might also take Microsoft a few iterations to get it right, much like how its first few attempts at the Microsoft Surface was not quite as impressive.

Still, the AIO space might use some shaking up considering how staid it is compared to the notebook arena, where more PC makers are creating competitive notebooks to try and muscle in on Apple's MacBook market. Will a premium AIO be a good idea? Only if Microsoft manages to make it as compelling as the current Surface lines.

UPDATE: According to WindowsCentral, the AIO is not just happening, it will have three display sizes: 21in, 24in, 27in, with the first one in Full HD, and the other two in 4K.

An update to the Surface Book's hinge is also planned, changing the problematic hinge, which has a gap that users claim to collect dust and affect the machine's structural integrity.

There is also speculation the Surface phone might also appear, but so far it's only a rumour that Microsoft so far has refused to comment on.

[Source: TNW]