Microsoft Pix makes iOS panoramas better

Who'd have thought Microsoft would be the one to improve on Apple's panoramic picture-taking?

Microsoft just improved its free Microsoft Pix app for iOS. It now allows panoramas that are less limiting than the default camera.

More nuanced

Microsoft calls the mode Photosynth – it allows for more movement, instead of the one-directional left-to-right of the iOS camera. Whether we're talking up or down, back and forth, or side to side, Photosnyth is a lot more flexible. The mode is activated by swiping to the left in the viewfinder or tapping the Photosynth icon.

Also new to the app is the ability to turn short videos into comic strips – it’s similar but a lot more detailed than Apple’s own Clips. In the app, you can add speech bubbles and adjust text as well as move, rotate and resize said bubbles.

Microsoft calls the feature Pix Comix and it’s fairly easy to use. Just click on the video thumbnail or select a video in the gallery, and choose Pix Comix.

Try it all out by downloading the app free from the App Store.

[Source: Digitaltrends]