Microsoft Minecraft a real possibility?

Mojang, the creator of Minecraft has often been critical of Windows so this comes as a big surprise
Microsoft Minecraft a real possibility?

It’s the talk of the Internet right now (besides a certain fruity phone) that Microsoft is trying to buy the makers of Minecraft, Mojang. WSJ apparently talked to an insider with knowledge of the deal.

How much money is there on the table? US$2 billion and perhaps the only reason Mojang is considering the deal at all.

Microsoft Minecraft a real possibility?

It’s not like Mojang is hurting for money. Over 50 million copies of Minecraft have been sold since 2009 and the game runs not just on PC but the Playstation, Xbox and on Android and iOS.

What perhaps ‘sells’ Minecraft to Microsoft is that its sandbox nature makes it appeal to a far bigger demographic than titles like Halo or this year’s big hit, Destiny.

You could either play Minecraft as a game or use it as a digital Lego of sorts, where your only limitations are time and patience. There’s a Minecraft movie in the works, Minecraft editions used in schools,

Still, videogames are seen as Microsoft’s new hope for the future and rather than try and carve out a new digital niche for mobile gaming, why not just go to the experts? There is nothing quite like Minecraft right now or at least, nothing that has quite captured the public’s imagination.

Or perhaps this is the only way the company can get Minecraft for Windows Phone? Mojang’s founder Markus Persson is known for being ornery about big corporations. He cancelled a planned Minecraft for Oculus Rift and told Microsoft to ‘stop ruining the PC’ with Windows 8.

The reason Minecraft isn’t on Windows Phone is that the company deemed the platform far too small to be worth developing for. That is precisely the problem with the Windows Phone platform in the first place – too few developers willing to write compelling apps for it.

Maybe adding Mojang to the fold might change that.

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