Microsoft might be working on a lighter version of Windows

The new OS would be Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS

it looks like Microsoft might be taking a stab at making its own Chrome OS equivalent, codenamed Polaris.

A faster, lighter WIndows

Polaris wouldn’t be a successor to Windows 10 - instead it is a version that is pared down to the basics, suited to running on tablets, ultralight notebooks and the like. 

Built on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP), it will offer better battery life and won't be bogged down by Windows legacy components.

But while it will be faster and sleeker because it's made for a better mobile experience, don’t expect to see it out for desktops anytime soon. That also means it's not great for people who frequently use apps that rely on Windows Shell. Users who were never keen on Chrome OS in the first place might not be interested in a Windows equivalent either.

Let's see how Microsoft markets Polaris and just who it's tailored for.

[Source: Digitaltrends]