Microsoft might be working on a foldable phablet

Samsung and LG will have competition in the foldable phone market

Foldable phones seem to be the coming trend for 2017 and guess who's next joining the bandwagon? Microsoft.

A recent Microsoft patent shows the company coming up with its own foldable smartphone patent to rival LG and Samsung's.

Tablet phones return

The point of the patent is not to make a cool phone but rather, it seems, to make tablets hot again. What the patent describes is a device that has two displays connected by a flexible hinge.

Seems familiar? Samsung's Galaxy X and Apple's conceptual devices also have flexible hinges - which allow for folding devices into different form factors.

What Microsoft's patent shows is a device that is rather large that can be a tablet, notebook and even turned onto its side for a 'tent' mode as seen on many of Lenovo's Yoga hybrids.

The device is seen as an all-in-one - so consumers wouldn't need to settle for just a tablet or have to choose between a tablet or phone.

Tablets that can be used as phones aren't new. The likes of Samsung and Asus have had tablets with phone capabilities for quite some time, which haven't exactly set the market on fire.

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[Source: IBT]