Microsoft gets aggressive with its Cloud offering

It’s dipped the price for OneDrive and yanked up Office Bonus to 1TB
Microsoft gets aggressive with its Cloud offering

Microsoft is pulling out its big guns when it comes to Cloud wars. Since Apple and Amazon made big moves to make their storage options more viable to consumers, Microsoft’s shown that it too can do the same.

And the move it’s made is drastic – firstly, it’s overhauled the OneDrive storage option by cutting its price. What once cost US$7.49 (RM24.07) for a month of 100GB of storage now costs a mere US$1.99 (RM6.39).The 200GB option has also been reduced from US$11.49 (RM36.92) to US3.99 (RM12.82).

Even the free allocation of 7GB of storage for OneDrive users has been more than doubled to 15GB – a number that now comes on par with Google’s free drive storage.

But that’s not all the tech mogul has done to ramp up its storage offerings. If you’re an Office 365 customer, the biggest tweaks are for you. Instead of 20GB per person, all versions of Office 365 now offer you 1TB of OneDrive space.

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Prepare for storage wars

Microsoft gets aggressive with its Cloud offering

Breaking this down, it would mean Office 365 Home subscribers get 1TB per person (up to five family members) for RM24.99 a month (RM249.99 a year), and Office 365 Personal for RM18.99 per month (or RM189.99 a year) for 1TB and access to the Office suite of applications.

It’s evident the changes are aimed at taking on Google, since its Google Drive’s pricing is similar – US$1.99 (RM6.39) for one month of 100GB, as well as US$9.99 (RM32.10) for 1TB.

Although, these changes do spark one question - will Google, Amazon, Apple or any other third-party services such as Dropbox change-up their pricing and/or storage strategy to put itself attractively ahead of the rest?  

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[Source: The Verge]