Microsoft Garage gives you a sneak peek at fun projects

Think of it as being an unofficial app tester for Windows, Windows Phone, Android and even iOS apps
Microsoft Garage gives you a sneak peek at fun projects

Remember how Google had a reputation of letting its employees take time to work on side projects of their own? Well, Microsoft is now also encouraging tinkering with its Microsoft Garage that lets you get a first peek at apps being developed at Microsoft by teams, individuals and perhaps, the hapless interns.

What is impressive is that Garage doesn't just host Windows or Windows Phone apps. Some of what you will see are apps that work on Android and even on iOS.

Playground for tinkerers

Microsoft Garage gives you a sneak peek at fun projects

Is Garage worth spending time at? If you like free apps that don't suck, you could find some useful applications here. There is, for instance, a free Student Planner for students wanting to keep track of courses and assignments. Android users also get some love with the Next Lock Screen that displays handy information and notifications.

What's the catch? Well, essentially you are being a guinea pig for Microsoft in exchange for not charging you through the nose for its software.

It's also interesting that Microsoft is willing to embrace being cross-platform what with Garage creating apps like Torque that lets you search and retrieve information via The Web  with just a twist of your wrist, bypassing having to click on Google Now.

What else can you expect to see in Garage? From the look of it, the website does offer quality apps worth trying out and the best bit? It's all free. Windows Phone users will of course rejoice at there being a pretty sizeable selection of new apps to try.

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