Microsoft disses Siri, plays up Cortana in new ad

Nice try, Redmond, but Cortana still isn't enough to get more people on Windows Phone
Microsoft disses Siri, plays up Cortana in new ad

It's just about that time of year when Microsoft makes "we're really better than you" ads to make its products look better than Apple's. Someone send the company a memo that the I'm a Mac, I'm a PC era has gone by and fresh new marketing gimmicks are needed.

This time it's Microsoft's Cortana that gets the treatment, in an ad that makes fun of Siri. "Can you give me reminders based on calls or alerts?" asks Cortana to Siri and the latter's reply is just: "No, I just got bigger."

Cortana, we hardly know you

Another earlier ad made Siri look like a doting, senile grandma-type who could only remember when she was the only phone that talked.

While Siri may be older and perhaps not quite as sexy as Cortana, you have to admit that at least now the hardware Apple's pushing out with iOS are better suited to handle her. While some may prefer Google Now, Siri has been a handy mainstay for people who bothered enough to learn how to use her.

Still, it would be nice to see Apple add more noticeable tweaks like contextual awareness and make this virtual assistant seem smarter. Right now, using Siri requires learning proper phrases to make the phone understand when you want reminders, when to be woken up or need to text someone hands-free.

You have to give Siri credit, though, for making talking to your phone, instead of just with it, pretty cool.

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