Microsoft could be working on a tablet that folds

The company wants to put a different spin on the device

While Microsoft Surface tablets haven't done too badly, it seems Microsoft has plans to go beyond what its current tablets do.

Fold me not

With Windows Mobile 10 pretty much dead, Microsoft is looking at a different mobile experience in terms of a foldable tablet that will also support a digital pen.

It will run on Windows 10 and be built on Windows Core OS that will also support calls and texts. But it's not supposed to replace your smartphone. Instead, think of it as a companion, the way a SIM-enabled iPad lets you pick up calls.

Wisely, it's not going to try and compete with other tablets but focus on a specific niche: people who want a truly digital notebook as opposed to a tablet or laptop. That should be interesting if it works out - but if it does appear, the earliest we'll see it or a prototype is 2018.

Could folding tablets be next year's bezel-less screen? We'll see what happens come 2018.

[Source: Windowscentral]